Sikh Studies course


Our Sikh Studies course is an introduction to the Sikh way of life covering history, culture and ideology. Choose to develop your learning year-on-year across four years of study programmes.

Year 1: fifteen week course

Everybody starts with our incredibly popular fifteen week course, now running for the sixteenth year!

Runs annually from Autumn to Spring

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Course Programmes

Year 1

15 week course, 1.5 hours p/w

Experience an engaging 15-week journey through Sikh history, culture and ideology in just 1.5 hours a week


Year 2

Monthly modular sessions, 2 hours

Step up to focus on a range of topics in depth, coupled with our extremely popular Shabad Analysis sessions

monthly, all-year

Years 3 & 4

quarterly class and personal study

Putting theory into practice with four key topical areas of study that build in to seeing how Sikh polity impacts us today



Course Objectives & Outcomes


A chronological journey in Sikh history

From 1460 to the changing face of the world today


An introduction to the culture of Sikhi

Exploring how the Sikh way of life has manifested


A glimpse of the ideology of Guru Nanak

Introducing the doctrine of Gurmat and Nanakonianism


Further reading and referenced notes

Book titles, authors, and directing to journal papers


A Sangat dedicated to building and growing

Finding like-minded souls to challenge and aid your study


Opportunities to write, present and practice

Guided support to bring your learning to life


Overview to our Sikh Studies course

Learning about the Sikh way of life and how it has been understood over time is more important today than ever before. Our Sikh Studies course has helped hundreds of students in higher education learn more about the Sikh way of life, as well as encouraging non-students to continue learning throughout their adult years and professional life. Many of our students find the course to be an eye-opening experience and a great first step to learning what Sikhi is all about, going on to follow-up the Year 1 introductory course with Year 2 modular studies and Year 3 personally tutored study.


What Our Students Say

The SEC Sikh Studies course has changed my perspective on everything and the way I live my life today. I have learned so much from the course as Year 1 provided a clear yet concise breakdown of Sikh history and ideology while in Year 2, I was introduced to Shabad Analysis which is essential and from time to time, I continue this with other SEC students on Wednesday evenings as well as in my own time. It is super flexible so if you miss a session, you will have access to the SEC VLE and can download all the slides on there to do some personal study as and when suitable for you- that is what I do! Highly recommended!!

Ruman K.

Year 1, 2015-2016

I chanced upon the Sikh Studies course a few years ago and knew I had to come all the way from Canada via living in Manchester to attend it in Birmingham. After having completed both Year 1 and Year 2, I can say that this is the best university level program in Sikh studies on account of its academic rigour, citations and instructor teaching styles. Equally important is SEC’s aversion to imposing unitary interpretations or conclusions thereby allowing for personal development and engagement with Sikh topics from multiple angles, schools of thought and sampardais. The true test of the instructors’ quality is that their anecdotes and tangents provided as much learning and value as the established curriculum, if not more!

Arjin S.

Year 1, 2016-2017

Bring the course to your area!

Since 2009, our introductory Year 1 course has been offered to students in higher education in places as diverse as London, Hertfordshire, Hampshire and the west Midlands, whilst we have also taught to non-students in those areas as well as Berkshire, East London, East Midlands and Kent. We provide systematic study in a professional setting, in-person rather than online, allowing us to be personable and direct in the learning journey for the benefit of our students. If you would like us to bring the course to your area, please get in touch.

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