Sikh Education Council

We provide guidance, engage in research and teach about the Sikh way of life to a range of audiences.

We can help you learn more about the Sikh way of life. Are you:

an individual?

Whether you come from a Sikh background or not, we can help you learn more about Sikhi.

a place of learning?

We help schools, colleges and even Universities teach their students about Sikhi.

a group?

Inform the members of your workplace, organisation or community group about Sikhs.



Annual Review 2023-2024

To be published on Friday 19 April 2024.

Spring Seminar 2024

A review of Sikh lesson plans and resources in the public education sectorOur spring quarterly seminar took place on Sunday 24 March at the Sikh Education Council Research Centre in central London. Two of our fellows, Gurpreet Singh and Dr Jaskiran Kaur, presented...

The 2023 General Shabeg Singh annual lecture

The 2023 General Shabeg Singh annual lecture was delivered by Sikh Education Council chairperson Dr Pargat Singh on Thursday 25 May at the Sikh Education Council Research Centre in central London. Watch the lecture as it was delivered live below and/or read the...



Displays & Exhibits

Telling the Sikh story

The SEC offers a range of displays that can be installed temporarily or permanently, with a curated selection of items available for loan exhibits. We provide consultation to any institution on their representation of the Sikhs and are happy to discuss this further without obligation.


Activities and endeavours

Our key goal as an organisation has always been to undertake education-based projects of interest to the Sikh community and of benefit to humanity as a whole. Today we are working on over a dozen active projects and house a wealthy archive of past projects and happenings.


Research and Resources

We publish research that pertains to, or is of interest to those studying the Sikh way of life. The ‘International Journal of Sikh Studies’ is published annually, providing a formal space to engaging academics, whilst our quarterly offering ‘Sikh Sunehan’ aims to develop thinkers and ideas.

Connect with us today!

There is nothing quite like meeting in person and after the last year of pandemic upheaval that is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Join us at one of our public events in future, specifically our quarterly seminars held in March, June, September and December.

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