Latest news and happenings from the Sikh Education Council

Netball Skills Day December 2021

RUN IN CONJUNCTION WITH SRI GURU SINGH SABHA GURDWARA HITCHIN AND GURU NANAK GURDWARA who are providing space for pre and post training workshop, and drop-off and collection point.Our Netball Skills Day is run by an all-female coaching team of netball enthusiasts...

Winter Seminar 2021

This seminar will see the presentation of a paper looking at the education of pre-teens in the Sikh community with a focus on pedagogical reform in particular. PAPER:'Raising the Sahibzade of today', Harwinder Singh Attendees will be given thirty minutes upon arrival...

Netball Skills Day October 2021

The Sikh Education Council ran its first Netball Skills Day on Wednesday 27 October in conjunction with Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall. Girls from the local and surrounding area in the town were offered the opportunity to spend a whole day building key skills...

SEC ‘Fun Day’ at Singh Sabha Hitchin

SEC ‘Fun Day’ at Singh Sabha Hitchin

Over 160 children and young people attended the Sikh Education Council ‘Fun Day’ at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Hitchin today. It was a momentous occasion marking an end to hopefully the last of the Covid-related lockdowns of the previous year and beyond that has...

Launch of Punjabipedia Android app

Launch of Punjabipedia Android app

Punjabi University Patiala graciously invited the chair of the Sikh Education Council, Dr Pargat Singh to be the guest of honour at the launch of the Punjabipedia Android app today. The app, developed by the Punjabipedia Centre based at the University, was released...

TheSikhWay podcast 001

TheSikhWay podcast 001

Hear SEC fellows Jaskiran Kaur and Paramdip Kaur in conversation on Rani Jind Kaur - her political strength, a role model of recent times, and the impact of her legacy that can be applied today.WELCOME TO THESIKHWAY PODCAST ...where students, fellows and volunteers of...

Autumn Seminar 2021

‘In conversation on Giani Ditt Singh‘Sardar Avtar Singh, Dr Sikander Singh, and Sardar Avtar Singh 10am-12pm, Sunday 5 September Streamed via YOUTUBE LIVE - subscribe to our channel Learn about the personality that was Giani Ditt Singh in this Punjabi language...


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