Sikh Study Circles

Our Sikh study circles bring people together in their local areas to learn about the Sikh way of life through discussion.

Learning about Sikh history, culture or ideology can be very difficult if attempted alone and in isolation, without support. Just a small amount of study time devoted to engaging with others who are also on this path, can be incredibly beneficial. Members of our Sikh study circles benefit from contemplating a variety of viewpoints, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and reaching conclusions that lead to positive action. With our guidance and the support of other members, questions are provoked that might not otherwise be asked and can help members to gain a deeper understanding of the Sikh way of life.

What are they?

There are a few different types of Sikh study circle that the SEC facilitate, but the most popular is based on discussion of a short reading assignment. Every month, we provide an article pertaining to an element of Sikhi for members to read at their leisure. This is supplemented with a brief list of relevant points to consider and optional further reading. Members then meet at a study circle to discuss their understanding of the article’s subject matter, raising points for deliberation and discussing different viewpoints. A few of these study circles operate at an advanced level of knowledge, but mostly you can join a Sikh study circle at any point in time and become a productive member.

Each study circle is led by one or two members who act as facilitators taking on everything from planning meetings to introducing discussion. They help to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get involved in whichever way suits them best and that all members have the opportunity to be heard during a meeting.

Why join?

Many members have been able to apply what they learn in SEC study circles to their everyday lives. It is a great way to meet new people who share an interest in developing themselves as individuals through the Sikh way of life and to make learning an enjoyable activity again. Members encourage each other to learn more effectively at a steady pace and come to share a strong bond of fellowship.

Join a Sikh study circle

Use the form below to register your interest in joining a Sikh Study Circle. Please ensure you use the ‘Message’ section to tell us which regions/areas you will be able to join a circle in eg. central London weekdays, North Hertfordshire on weeknights and weekends

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