The winner of the inaugural ‘Guru Nanak Social Mobility Bar Scholarship’ award has been announced. It was a difficult decision and there was very little between the top two; barrister Mukhtiar Singh and the Sikh Education Council are delighted to announce that final year student, Harrison Burroughs, from the University of Bristol is the first recipient of £4000 and a year of mentoring.

Mr Burroughs grasped the objectives of the scheme and comfortably met the necessary criteria. He impressed particularly by presenting his personal opinion in a persuasive and engaging written style. His determination in the face of disadvantage, and achievements to date, demonstrate a strong desire and ability to be a successful barrister. Mukhtiar Singh will provide him with £4,000 to alleviate the financial burden of pursing a career at the Bar and will also provide mentoring to him for one year.

The first runner-up is BPTC student Rehab Jaffer. Her application and essay were so impressive that Mukhtiar Singh will be awarding her with £300 and a work placement. In addition to an excellent, well-researched essay, Ms Jaffer demonstrated outstanding academic achievements despite financial and social advantage.

The second runner-up is Suffian Ali Hussain, who commenced the BPTC in 2019 and will now be awarded a work placement. His commitment to the Bar was particularly of note.

All three are congratulated for their impressive applications and essays. All have come from financially and socially disadvantaged backgrounds and have shown not only do they have the necessary strong commitment to become barristers, but they also have the ability. Each have their own stories of overcoming significant obstacles, which many are privileged not to face. All three are expected to be successful barristers in the future.

Those that were not successful (including the runner ups), and continue to meet the criteria, are encouraged to apply again next year. The essays will be published in a future edition of our quarterly publication ‘Sikh Sunehan‘ and on Mukhtiar Singh’s website.