Our quarterly seminar for Autumn 2016 concerned mental health with a focus on depression and touched upon how we as Sikhs treat it both in theory and in practice. Papers were presented by Dr Onkar Singh Rehal on ‘Depression, stigma and South Asians’, and Dr Palwinder Kaur Mander on ‘The neurochemistry of depression’. Members of our educational programmes were joined by interested members of the public at the Norwood Hall in Southall where presentations were followed by engaging questions and discussion on the topic. The two papers are available to read in the Autumn 2016 edition of Sikh Sunehan.

The engaging audience and learned speakers were invited to join an SEC working group specifically looking at the topic of depression, contributing to the formulation of a ‘Sikh viewpoint’ on its treatment, and considering how present day understanding of the illness can be better communicated within the community. If youw ere unable to make the seminar and are interested in contributing, please contact us online in the first instance.