General Shabeg Singh annual lecture

The Sikh Education Council hosts an annual lecture on the last Thursday in the month of May, commemorating General Shabeg Singh.

The lecture provides an insight into present and impending developments in the areas of strategic defence, international security, and democracy, on a global scale. The aim of the guest speaker is to instigate deeper thought on the specific element that they have chosen to focus on in that year’s lecture and to highlight ways forward for the world community.

The lecture is delivered to an invited audience of students, fellows and patrons of the Sikh Education Council and is then published online on this website. It may be delivered in a language of choosing by the speaker, but will be subtitled into three or more languages when published.

General Shabeg Singh was an immense Sikh personality who was martyred in June 1984, having reinforced and consolidated the Darbar Sahib complex in Amritsar prior to its invasion by the Indian state. He is credited with training the Sikh forces who were stationed there to defend the institution and is revered as a deeply thoughtful strategic commander.


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1 May, 2023