Gurdwara Information Centre

An information center housed in Gurudwareh with a uniform design and layout that signposts visiting individuals to a range of information on the Sikh way of life provided by different Sikh organisations.

The Challenge

When visiting the Gurdwara, many Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike look for information about Sikh beliefs, in particular on ceremonies and rites of passage. Whilst looking online can help, the sheer volume of information returned can be overwhelming, not to mention questions of authenticity. Where a Gurdwara does provide access to information, it is usually difficult to find and presented in differing spaces.

The Solution

The Gurdwara Information Centre provides a one-stop shop for information on a range of topics whilst also giving individual Gurdwareh space to house their own in-house publications or chosen material. Within the stand you will find educational resources that offer bite-sized information to questions many of us have or have had, all from leaflets provided by various Sikh organisations of repute.

choices of stand

organisations' handouts

suggested publications

collaborative go-to space

Coming to a Gurdwara near you!

Vetted publications

Curated content from a range of charities producing Sikh material


Ensuring that content adheres to rules around printing Gurbani

Designed to serve

Inviting layout focusing on the content, and easy to replenish

Step by step

See the first Gurdwara Information Centre serving the community at Singh Sabha Southall

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