Kahn Singh Nabha Centenary

The SEC are honoured to celebrate the 150th birthday of the grandfather of Sikh literature, Sardar Kahan Singh Nabha, in September 2011. Amongst other events, we will be re-publishing and focusing on all of the respected author’s works that were written in English.

Sardar Kahn Singh of Nabha (1861-1938) is regarded as one of the greatest Sikh scholars of the late 19th and early 20th century. His writings span over a period of 50 years and he had made a large contribution to the fields of Punjabi literature, lexicography, linguistics and poetry.

A number of books were published by Sardar Kahn Singh, including the well-known and immense work ‘Gurshabad Ratnakar Mahankosh’ – the Encyclopaedia of Sikh Literature. Sardar sahib was also instrumental in providing the inspiration and guidance to Max Arthur Macauliffe in producing ‘The Sikh Religion’ in the early 20th century.


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1 September, 2011