Sikh Sunehan

The Sikh Education Council’s quarterly publication ‘Sikh Sunehan’ has been published periodically for over twenty-five years. The publication is a vehicle for aspiring academic writers, but more importantly a bridge between those actively engaged in Sikh Studies and the Sikh Sangat at large.

Sikh Sunehan is distributed free of charge to members of our classes and circles, and to attendees of other programmes including quarterly public seminars. However, members of the public can request a years worth of the publication (4 editions) to be delivered directly to their home address by making a one-off donation of £25 (see below).

Submissions for publication are welcomed primarily of academic articles, but also of works of poetry, short stories and book reviews pertaining or relating to the Sikh way of life. Abstracts should be sent by message form in the first instance for consideration.


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1 June, 2009