Sikh Research Centre

The Sikh Research Centre is part of a wider objective to promote the advancement of the Sikh Panth and preserve it’s language, culture, heritage, unique identity and pride. Incorporating both a physical base and an academic remit, the Sikh Research Centre aims to procure original artifacts, manuscripts and documents that are of importance to the history and ideology of the Sikhs for preservation and research purposes. Although this project was initiated with lofty aims some 25 years ago by the Council, it was not expected to be realised for many decades.

A primary aspect of the Sikh Research Centre is to establish a chair that would act as the national co-ordinating body for the promotion of teaching the Sikh religion in schools and for the establishment of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and scholarly research in British Universities. This comprises of the Guru Nanak Chair for Sikh Studies and the Bhai Vir Singh Chair for Punjabi Language. It is a major commitment to academic studies and research of the Sikh way of life, promotion of Punjabi language and the Gurmukhi script. The Chair will assist in revitalising the revolutionary dynamism, hope and faith among Sikhs and make them better saint-soldier scholars.


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1 July, 2019